IBS is a one-stop shop for the highest-grade custom interior millwork. IBS provides comprehensive project management, taking ownership for the project and coordinating with designers, architects, contractors, and other subcontractors until the project is completed and the most exacting client is satisfied.

With over 100 employees and the best equipment made for the custom interior millwork industry, IBS self-performs engineering, project management, manufacturing, finishing, and installation.


IBS has its own in-house engineering staff that uses the latest technology to tackle everything from the simplest to the most complex custom millwork projects. Sophisticated software and automation not only ensure accuracy in detail but also allow for the most creative ideas to come to fruition. IBS offers pre-construction consulting, detailing and engineering assistance.

Starting with AutoCAD, IBS draftsmen prepare the shop drawings for review in a flexible process that allows for electronic or manual submission. Samples and mock-ups ensure alignment from concept to design through execution.

Once approved, the drawings are broken down using Microvellum software to prepare the items for processing and machining. The files are then transferred to the CNC clusters (panel saw, router, machining centers and edge bander) for production in the plant. IBS uses large format in house color print/scan capabilities to ensure an accurate transfer of data, and timely distribution to all on the construction team.


IBS provides the highest quality architectural millwork to the metropolitan DC market from its plant and headquarters in Manassas, Virginia. IBS has a 50,000 sq. ft. purpose-built plant completed in 2008 (the largest and newest in the metropolitan DC area). The IBS plant is climate-controlled, enabling IBS to maintain proper ambient humidity levels, critical in fine woodworking.

IBS achieves both precision and quality through a combination of hand craftsmanship and computer-programmed (CNC) machines. IBS only uses the finest American, Austrian, and German precision tools, including automated CNC clusters (panel saw, router, machining centers, and edge bander). IBS also uses numerous other smaller tools necessary for fine woodworking.

Our state-of-the-art plant was designed with efficient workflow, and is supported by enterprise resource planning software.


IBS values outstanding finishing not just for its impact on the overall look of its millwork products, but also for the value it provides in protecting and extending the life of the end result.

Factory finishing is the recognized standard for quality architectural millwork. To create the finest of finishes offered in the commercial interiors industry, the IBS finishing department uses its own proprietary mixing means and methods to exact match specified colors and sheen, which can range anywhere from flat, satin or extreme high gloss. The IBS standard post-catalyzed polyurethane finish is 300% more durable than the industry standard pre-catalyzed lacquer.

IBS has two finishing booths and over 8,000 sq. ft. dedicated solely to finishing.


Installation is a critical phase of the millwork process. IBS’ specialized installers coordinate with general contractors and other trades on site, ensuring that millwork is integrated into the rest of the project, professionally completing the white-glove experience.

Getting the millwork installed quickly, efficiently, precisely, and with minimal interruption of other contractors on site is essential. IBS’ installers take pride in ensuring that the custom architectural millwork, often the feature of the space, looks better when installed than when it left the plant.

Self-performing installation allows IBS to fully control this critical aspect of the project while remaining agile to suit the needs of the client & project overall.


IBS works with a variety of materials, including:

  • Domestic and exotic hardwoods
  • Domestic and exotic wood veneers
  • Specialty veneers-recomposed
  • Dye stains, wipe stains & various clear coatings
  • Specialty opaque lacquer finishes
  • Plastic laminates
  • Natural and synthetic stone
  • Acrylics-resin panels
  • Composites
  • Architectural metals
  • Specialty glass
  • Fabrics and upholstery

When it comes to custom millwork, nothing is out of the ordinary for IBS.


IBS has worked on a number of sustainable building projects, including an impressive array of LEED certified projects. IBS is well-versed in LEED standards for our industry along with the required documentation.