IBS provides turnkey solutions for any project. We can tackle even the most complex designs by working alongside our clients to develop creative solutions that are delivered on time and on budget.






Our goal is to provide our customers with complete solutions for even the most complex jobs. Our extensive network of material providers allows us to help our clients bring any idea to reality.


We partner your commercial construction team to with our engineering team and expert custom craftsmen to produce any custom structures your project requires (reception desks, ceiling elements, decorative pieces, etc.).


We design and build wall panels to your specifications with the ability to produce the highest end finishes (book match, slip match, high gloss, integrated custom elements, etc.)


We can produce high quality casework of any size and style at competitive prices, customizing each piece to your exact specifications.


We can provide an array of professional and highly designed office space built with consistency and durability to meet our retail client needs.


We build commercial counter tops to your dimensions and specifications. We produce laminates and solid surfaces in house and manage and install stone and metal with our extensive vendor network.